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November 3rd 2009

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    Remarkable shine in the faces of citizens today in town.  Clearly unaffected by a large moon last night and that eccentric concept the 'Fall Back'. 

   For my part I know irritation belongs to a corner of the mind that long ago rejected days that get shorter as belonging to heathens.

   I picture us sitting on clouds looking down at ourselves.  Each from his or her own place can see an idea of what civilization might be.  

   My own idea begins with twelve hours of daylight followed by a dusk in which can be heard crickets, the quieter species of frog and an occasional and distant Hyena.  Nights will be mostly clear and crisp and warm enough to see the panoply above us.  Dawn will belong to bird song and a sunrise that offers a rain chance at three in the afternoon.


    How rested the ancients must have been by this time of the year.  Lying there with open eyes dreaming of Spring, and then finding it necessary to augment Spring with heating devices and electric lights and gas bills and polite conversation.

    Thank god for that retreat into the cave television offers.

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tim candler

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