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November 4th 2009

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    I have met the master of that art form sometimes referred to as an 'appearance of listening'.  I bow low in her presence and understand how much I have yet to learn.

    In my own amateur fashion I have responded to the accusation of practicing this art form with vehement denial.  I have done this sometimes by encouraging an opinion of me that suggests declining mental acuity.  I have too embarked upon diplomatic offensives geared toward determining what it is that I did not hear.  And often I have resorted to the defense of incoherent sentences and misplaced pauses in an attempt to deflect an accusation that I have practiced an 'appearance of listening'.


    Now I accept 'appearance of listening' as a pure form, and as such it demands a respectable place in the completeness of an adventurous life.  And no longer need I deny being a practitioner.  Instead I should glory in it as the masters do. 

   Here I have placed a mirror in my room so that I might experiment with facial expressions that describe blissfulness, because when challenged that is how the masters consecrate this art.

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tim candler

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