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November 6th 2009

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    I could call them a Trinity, but that title appears reserved for a particular religious understanding, where the "I" is sublimated to a serfdom of one amongst many in a creation for which there is a plan and a master and supplicants who close their eyes and wave.

    Imagine the ancients huddled against failure hunting down purpose.  I see the question 'why?' lost to past incarnations of its answer and occasional inspiration.  But what is tomorrow?

    I could call it a dialectic and praise Hegel for his interpretation of absolute, or I could call it a characteristic of matter, experienced first then interpreted in useful ways.  


    And I find myself made ratty and yellow teethed with these thoughts because of politics, and mathematics, and those cathedrals where uniforms are mandatory.

    So pat me on the head with three fingers and say "there, there, there."   Which may equal nine.

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tim candler

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