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October 11th 2009

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    Images so far this month of October belong to 'time'.  I know this because on the back of the photograph there is a date.  It is some other part of me that recalls the actual objects themselves.  In this other part of recollection there is less precision.  

    My mind recalls the first of these two photographs.  My back was to the Atlantic Ocean.  I could smell beach and hear that awful noise young people make when they are near waves and determined to demonstrate happiness.  My own purpose was to make certain that gusts and breeze from the ocean did not reduce those eleven little vases to shards, and dissuade the drunken from touching them.

    The artist who made the objects depicted in these photographs, had I am certain other preoccupations.




    When the first little vase sold, my job was to wrap it politely in tissue paper, place it into a peach colored bag and hand it across to its new owner, while the artist herself struggled with calculating sales tax and issuing change in a manner suggesting confidence. 

   In following years this was to become an ordinary enough moment, but after that first sale both the artist and I found it necessary to take deep breaths to keep from trembling.

   I could call these images from this month of October, 'early work'.  But this would be an error in my relationship with language, because in my understanding of 'being', time is a quality, not a line.

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tim candler

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