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October 15th 2009

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    In imagination I see the Hyena.  He is wearing a coat of Leopard hide, and carries in his right hand the ampoule of lavender oil, because now is his turn to rule.  These things I have dreamed, and as a tribute to Jungian thinking I will interpret them without recourse to objectivity.     

    In dark immutable regions there is the all-knowing entity.  He is probably a dialectic of physics and when oneness is achieved, there will be an Armageddon, so that the whole damn thing can start again.   Which requires a definition of intelligence that looks to the pointlessness or the purity of a circle in which to find contentment.      


   So let us reward the unending helix of life for its contributions of greed and hunger, jealousy and selfishness, because amongst these vices can be found a dualism of opposites that defines generosity and plenty.  

   And to walk this tightrope without falling into the abyss of misunderstanding, I will say I am prepared for winter, because I believe spring will follow.    

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tim candler

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