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October 17th 2009

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    Intrepid is the Close Mockingbird.  This Fall it is curiosity and muttering that give him his character.  He'll sit in the Cherry Tree whispering to himself.    

    Through the summer he must have watched House Wrens.  Seen them busy, as Wrens like to be.  Heard their call, which he repeats too often.  Modeled his own nest after theirs.  And probably he saw the Grey Cat catch one of the House Wrens, which put into his soul a reverence for those things which are dangerous. 



    Daily he struggles with a vision of the Wren's final moment.  Now when we see the Grey Cat, the Close Mockingbird finds himself captured by fascination.  He'll fly down to the railing and stare at me.  I'll look into his eye and see his question.  What part of the Grey Cat might he own?

    Sometimes I suggest we think around the words friendship and trust, and we smile at each other with that knowing shrug.  But when it gets cold and wet like this, we think around the words claws and size and fur and good night vision.

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tim candler

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