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October 18th 2009

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    Always thought it was the sin of 'cantankerousness' that prevented me from making those resolutions at New Year which improve attitudes and habits so as to better fit them to the goals of long life, health and happiness.  But I have been wrong all these years.  It is not the resolution itself I react adversely to, rather it is the bonhomie of 'New Year Resolution' I react adversely to.

    The general pattern for me is to slide into sloth-dom at about this time and wake up in February so as to be at least slightly aware in the event anyone might have forgotten my birthday.  Then as the weather warms, and things grow, resolution is thrust upon me.  

    And today I have resolved to make sloth-dom a part of being I refuse to enter.   I have shown it the door, and asked it to find somewhere else to spend its winter. 


    I can hear that dismissive call from those angels who have heard such words too often.  And I know in that place where seconds are counted the busy angel under whose care I am has just popped out to the supply room to replenish his stock of erasers.

    For those unfamiliar, angels are like teachers who still use blackboards.  They wear funny hats and have no wings.  Mine is shortsighted but refuses to use glasses.  And he has a hearing aid which sometimes does not work, otherwise I would long ago have fallen to lightning.

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tim candler

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