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October 21st 2009

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    The word 'authentic', in Heidegger's description of 'being', should be placed beside the word 'contentment', rather than considered in terms of 'authentic' as the opposite of 'fake'.

    I am not one to permit a great mind to veer away from my own understanding of his thought.  I don't sit there under candlelight struggling with what exactly a departed hero might have meant.  That is the work of luddites, pedants and scholars.  I can say this because document is a reflection of idea, rather than a mathematical or legal formulae, and I say this because in my brain flows those same electrons that flow in other brains.

   Granted in my brain this flow has never been agile and sometimes completely disappears.  But I do know that an 'authentic vegetable garden' is a reflection of idea, which sometimes includes groundhogs.  And I do know that sometimes I am wrong.



    I understand why potatoes belong to rows, and I understand why strawberries belong to strawberry beds.  I have dug and cared for potatoes, and I have endeavored to care for strawberries.  I have built fences.  And I have done this as 'one who seeks a harvest'.  So I can accept what an economist might call 'efficiencies'. 

   My unrest addresses the 'authenticity of efficiencies'.  And this unrest reflects a relationship with plants that includes affection, care and sadness when their season has run its course.  To irritate further I will also suggest that I follow an empirical path.  A path where I am an un-alienated gardening entity exploring the Dasein of Vegetable Garden.

    In another way, I sometimes think I am way too bossy in the vegetable garden, and my comrades there suffer because of it. 

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tim candler

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(Rosemary bloom)