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October 28th 2009

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    Sometimes I feel the word career should be expunged from language and replaced with an expression that better categorizes its meaning.  I suggest the word should be in the meaning of: "congratulations on your trampling of others".

    I can look at those for whom the word 'career' is a hallowed expression and I can concede an understanding of success as a lofty goal.  But career belongs to examinations and professions and often to an even more ruthless promulgation of a nasty self over others in pursuit of gain within unappetizing contexts.

    It can be argued that 'career' expresses a path before it expresses those more subjective interpretations I am so prone to.  Nonetheless, even as history or as pattern, 'career' belongs to an individual amongst individuals, and invariably to a choosing between individuals.  And 'trampling' in my view expresses it well.


    Once 'trampling' is hallowed it becomes insidious.  Converting the gentle faiths with a suggestion that 'doing unto others' includes metaphorically kicking them in the teeth for the benefit of the word 'success'.

    Amongst the great minds, success and individual are wonderfully interrelated.  So I suppose 'career' is a necessary expression, because when the success of one assumes the success of all, the word 'trampling' far too readily suggests an unpleasant real. 

   And here, for the benefit of the absolute, my own 'trampling' along the path of nincompoop is something I can always blame on others in that same way that some choose a career in the church.      

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tim candler

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