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October 5th 2009

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    The left and right sides of the brain are currently in opposition.  Consequently communication skills are negligible.  Fortunately that part of me that remains has experienced this too often before.  So anxiety, there is none, but I have yet to learn patience.

    For a day or two, perhaps even a week, I must fuel no idea in another that cannot be done with a grunt or a nod or a shake of the head.  Which sometimes results in that tone of expression that leads to discord with others.  Nor does loudness help explain the meaning of 'courgette' when applied to last years green summer squash.  And why did the word zucchini so completely disappear from my brain.



    Which leads me to wonder what my last words spoken might be.  I picture myself retreating into oblivion and seeing confusion on the faces of those with the courage to watch.  It is a circumstance I am familiar with when there is probably a tomorrow or a next week.  But what of that moment when there is no tomorrow or next week.

    And for those with the benefit of memory and concern, I should tell them now it will be something trite, like 'goodbye' or 'this isn't too bad' or 'yoga swum', rather than something worth hearing like 'there is ice cream in hell and rice cake in heaven'.

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tim candler

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