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September 10th 2009

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    If cold crisp arctic air comes this way it will hit a swamp and retreat with such vigor Mongolian people will rightly complain.  But, perhaps my capacity to function in this weather is related to age, poor blood circulation, incomplete eyesight, and that host that becomes elderliness.  

    I should not complain, however, because consequent to an ancestor's frailness of character I could have been incarnated a male Praying Mantis, and pretty soon now I would copulate and get eaten by a passing fancy.

    It is such appalling behavior on her part.  This morning all that was left of him was a set of brown wings.  She looked apparently content and about two sizes larger.   And already she had in her arms a small green grasshopper that had not matured beyond hopping.


    The annual lifestyle is way too hectic to allow for what passes as respectability amongst us perennials.  Even if young people sometimes behave like annuals, which through a series of improbable arguments might suggest that once upon a time we too were annuals.  

    More likely this passage of young people through an "annualistic phase" is attributable to a lack of wings that has been promulgated further by a dear heart philosophy which does not toss them to the world until far too many years have passed.

    Indeed as an old fart I will shine, while my own precious morsel continues to suggest that it's "not that hot" as she push mows the slopes.

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tim candler

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