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September 11th 2009

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     There are gleaming jewels in the firmament of minds who have this idea that winter is good for us.  It reduces pestilence, discourages termites, and gives ground an opportunity to sleep before fruiting.  Which in my view is an angelic notion belonging to the pure in heart, rather than a constructive one.    

   I do know that something belonging to me in summer always determines that a coming winter will be cruel and unmanageable.  As well, something belonging to me in winter always determines that summers will be swift and perfect.



    And yet, all summer long I picture myself in winter, properly wrapped, out there finally getting things done that should be done now.  Then when winter does arrive I swiftly reverse this imagery.  In winter I picture myself in summer, about thirty years younger, surrounded by barn swallows, blissfully happy, finally getting those things done that should be done now.  

    The reality is that through the course of a year there is probably one perfect day, all the other days should be considered devious.  This way the year becomes comprehensible because struggle against deviousness has meaning. 

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tim candler

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