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September 12th 2009

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    However, Karl Marx in discussion with Fredrick Engels would refer to government as a committee of the ruling class.  

    And I suggest it requires a pissed off committee of the ruling class to conclude that prime among inalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Rather than say food or a safe place to live or something like health insurance.  Now, white men who have not been recently favored by the committee of the ruling class appear to be again pissed off, so predictably there will be some form of that white man's burden of lynching in our present.  

    People who would lead have always been too few in number for true openness of discourse, which means that as a matter of status preservation it is necessary to rile a mob with promises that most often do not bear scrutiny.  For the Roman citizen it was bread and circus they apparently could not get enough of.  For some today it appears to be a promise to return women to the kitchen and otherwise reintroduce servitude to those of us who are not white or male or land owning.   This I was today advised is in a sacred document called The Constitution. 

    There is even talk of state secession, watering the tree of life with the blood of patriots, rooting out of malignant disease and all that sort of hoopla associated with an idea which when I was younger we called fascism and which always used to end with someone blaming Jewish people.


    I understand the seesaw theory of coexistence.  Wisdom reflects a point on the continuum which moves and thereby the real is briefly established.  Men who do not accept this declare themselves God, and as such they are dangerous.  Unless of course it is simply a seat on that committee of the ruling class they want, in which case they are simply following the venerable tradition of exaggerating their own cause.

    In the old days, I seem to remember,  it was more about a little exercise after enjoying a few beers and hoping to get laid by demonstrating support for liberation.  Can't really see this combination of passions as the well-spring of action for the religious or the conservative.  But perhaps on the bus ride home it becomes old fashioned satanic mayhem, in which case who can blame them for wasting a Saturday.

    The answer of course is I should stop listening to C-span.  But this is difficult when the only conservative B-Bop artist in the world - called 'High Caliber' - is due to perform.  His lunchtime medley 'marines, army, navy, navy seals, air force, coast guard' is quite extraordinarily weird in its juxtaposition of rhythm and lyric and as a white male I have always found it entertaining to imagine the waltzing and waving class attempting a response to African beat.     

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tim candler

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