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September 5th 2009

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    Maybe six weeks of confidence before frost.  Which will then slap us in the face for a night or two.  Surviving those couple of nights can extend the season into November.  I know this because we once had lettuce from the vegetable garden on the last Thursday of that dreadful month.

    I mention this because all Lavender cuttings have fallen and are buried.  And I think there is time to try again.  But this time with a technique that might be dangerous this late and so far north.


    The technique is wretched in it's thoughtlessness.  Yet sometimes when circumstances create confluence, and if the Lavender star is rising, and if I can maintain an evenness of moisture, and on into the zone of 'if' until eventually it becomes luck, then in some distant future maybe I can concern myself with the uncertainties of moles.  Who are deep in the dry ground waiting for those conditions so perfect for Lavender.

    So much easier to dream of constant things, like concrete or ice-cream. 

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tim candler

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