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September 6th 2009

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    The number sixty four figured in Aztec and early Chinese thought.  It did so dramatically. 

    As a number in mathematics it has many titles and I imagine mathematicians enjoy its subtleties without ever falling completely under its spell.  Aficionados of the Aztec Calendar and the I Ching, however consider the number sixty four as Pythagoras might have done.  They saw future in the patterns it creates, and head over heels they went.  Some are still head over heels.

    Many centuries ago, in accordance with the peculiar properties of the number sixty four, it was determined by disciples of the number sixty four, in both China and Central America that the world would end on the twenty first of December two thousand and twelve.  



    The pompous tend toward the idea that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  One has to be fully informed and properly trained in a reputable cathedral of understanding.  Years of apprenticeship and mentoring are necessary so the criteria of competent can be met.  The wacko is weeded out.  Only then perhaps a person attains the quality of master, looks back into past thought and sees error, and becomes powerful enough to suggest the occasional peculiar thing.

    The Aztecs had a class of people devoted to their calendar who were confident enough to do some really very peculiar things.  And their calendar by all accounts was more precise than the one we refer to so casually today.  The I Ching was considered true by men who spent lifetimes amongst its mysteries.  And it still sells well.

    Always a little nerve-racking to recall that those who rule us today still have their sixty four or something like it. 

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tim candler

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