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April 10th 2010    Tim Candler

     Odd to think of today as the 100th day of the year.  Worse, if this were a leap year today would be the 101st day of the year.  Better to hold fast to the understanding that there may be 180 days until the middle of October.  Wiser perhaps to grasp the essence of May 10th, which for this part of Kentucky may be the last day for Spring frost.

     Good or bad, there are some of us who resent this tyranny of a calendar that so quickly reduces the year.   Then there are those deranged sufficiently to think of every day as the first day.  They will whistle cheer and smile in that carefree way, causing ripples in the ether which quite obviously upset the gods. 


    However,  there are butterflies this morning, there are Wisteria bloom un-addled by frozen fingers, there is a sprout of Oriental Cucumber and I think I saw a Baltimore Oriole.   So there are those who get along with the business of living without constant questions, emotional decline and that host of qualities which put some of us in the category of  sulky perennial whenever cold or heat or wind threatens.

     And there is a Cherry Laurel which I suspect this year will bloom appropriately for the first time since it was dragged from the nursery six years ago.

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