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April 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    In the analysis of "being as slope in a random place" there is an assertion of randomness.   And it is this assertion that falls foul of understandings that insist upon the existence of an orderliness.  It is argued that chaos itself cannot create.  And it is argued that order is apparent.  But I think the idea of "slope" as creator  is more ancient than the idea of "all knowing" as creator.

    In those distant days of our understanding, more likely the world was a constant uncertainty.  These same sets of anguish that set the mind toward the centrality of order permeate our being today. 

    I could join the existentialists and say the slope is anxiety, and by so doing give anxiousness the causality of God.   But I can't do that because the slope is a material thing, and one day perhaps it'll be mathematically defined..   Meanwhile the place we live is randomness and without the slope we would probably be happier.

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