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April 18th 2010    Tim Candler

    The old me probably would have reacted poorly to frost this morning.   He might have stamped his foot and he certainly would have crossed the threshold of reason by issuing challenges to a number of different gods all of whom would have taken no notice of him whatsoever.

   The new me, dressed in layers, drank his coffee and wondered whether nicotine gum might not be a more respectable smoke in these pollen laden days.  And this, while she who makes coffee politely reminded us both that yesterday evening she had wisely covered Patchouli.   The gentle Strawberry, I guess she implied, might also have benefited from such diligence.

    But, with respect to the Vegetable Garden and Strawberries in particular, there is already a whisker in her eye for me.  I have on too many occasions suggested Strawberry wastes valuable space and yet I have admitted to again planting Morning Glory despite having spent a considerable portion of last year insisting that never again would there be such a prolific of seed and aggressively vining ornamental amongst the vegetables.

    These machinations have naturally produced confusion in the more rational world outside the compound of vegetables.   However the new me was able to report no sign of damage by frost to the blessing of Strawberry bloom.  Which suggests an improvement in being, because the old me would more likely have argued that the bite of  frost in April  is good for Strawberry.  

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