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April 19th 2010    Tim Candler

    Time spent spring cleaning the room where I sleep reveals qualities of personality that I should probably cover with layers of carpeting, or white paint.   But I am ready for moth season.   Soon they will be tapping at the window, and one or two of them at least will find a way.

    As well there are 'bombers' to look forward to.  These beetles are brown, about the size of a large thumb nail and they are quite without responsibility when it comes to flying.  How they take to the air I do not know.  But once in the room they will fly around noisily bumping into things while others are attempting to sleep.

    Most mysterious is the little ball of fluff and spider web that some call 'dust bunnies'.   They breed I think under the bed and when no one is looking they foray across the floor to gossip in corners.  I found a large gathering behind the desk.

    And I am delighted to have found the copy of Bergson's essay which I thought I lost in a hotel room some years ago.

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