An English In Kentucky


















April 20th 2010    Tim Candler

    I have heard that Columbine is poisonous even though his flowers taste sweet.   Those colors of red and yellow stretch toward a mixing of emotion.  Happiness as well as danger.  It is no wonder so many prefer white and blue in flowers.

    However, there is a color of temptation.  "Come with me" it says.  "And when you return you will be wiser."   Those dark places are amongst the perennials this year.   I can hear them whispering.  I can reach down and touch but nothing happens.  So perhaps temptation is a shape.  A corridor into an invisible.

      These are not Bunny Rabbits with button tails, or other such cute little things.   They are demons, and I think they are content.  But I am wary just in case one morning I follow their scent and disappear into deeper pools where swimming might be difficult.       

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