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April 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    The relationship between Lilac bloom and the Hoppy Bug falls often to acquisitive and intemperate nature.   I saw tall Black Beauty Eggplant at the Farm Shop.   Yet Lilac is still blooming.

      All wisdom suggests that Eggplant seedlings should be escorted into the vegetable garden after the danger of Lilac bloom has long past.   And more likely this schedule would happen were I to own that seed germinating competence that Black Beauty appears to require.  

    Then when ten Black Beauty Eggplant Seedlings sat beside me in the vehicle and we bounced homeward, I explained to them that even though I had fallen there would be no effort spared to preserve them from the havoc of Hoppy Bug, of frost and of an earth turned dusty.

   For a moment, in that rambling way, I was able to preamble into the arena of debate which suggests that Hoppy Bug damage is minimal.   I was able to suggest that Hoppy Bug are more of a nuisance to the senses than they are to Eggplant.   It is their Flea nature that so distracts imagination.

    And, I was able to move further by pretending for a moment that these ten Eggplants through some miracle of genetics would prove frost tolerant.  In chilly weather they would not hold up their leaves in surrender and then decline steeply into that slow sulk which is so unnerving.

    But such a discussion with Eggplant puts the idea of freewill into the category of  fiction.  The truth is darker.  They were alone on their shelf at the Farm Store, improperly watered, and I became deranged by the need to own. 

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