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April 25th 2010    Tim Candler

    Two Not Cherry Tomato seedlings have their roots in the earth.   I carefully watered them, and gave them each a little stake to hold them against windiness.  Yesterday that windiness tousled their leaves and this morning they appear exhausted from the challenge of life outdoors.

    The odds are they will follow traditional Nor Cherry behavior.  They will declare an independence from purpose, they will develop a quarrel with their environment and for weeks they will grump at me each time I pass them.  These are their teenage years, I suppose, and these things are I guess natural, but for some reason I find this phase of Not Cherry existence extremely irritating.   


    Arguably I should have waited another two weeks before offering them to the Vegetable Garden.  But in the Tradition of Not Cherry behavior they had responded too well to my own short comings.  They had germinated far too early, they had taken well to life in a six inch pot where they had achieved an unattractive and gangling imbalance that necessitated purposeful action from me.

     Perhaps I should have offered them an eight inch pot, then moved them to a twelve inch pot and on into the Fall.

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