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April 27th 2010    Tim Candler

     Fresh air and one more inch of rain has put Privet in a mood to bloom.   These are not the glamorous Privet of more southerly places, these are the workhorse Privet that hedge so obediently.   But when left to riot, privet blooms with a surprising grace.   And from these blooms new Privets grow.

    Most Stick Insects can exist on Privet.   There is debate however on whether those Stick Insects that can exist upon Privet feed only during daylight.   In the dark they will starve.   So if you have to keep your Stick Insect hidden from others by shutting it into a dark place, there could be decline unless you are also able to regularly shepherd it through several hours of good light so it might graze without interruption from darkness or evil doers.

    Stick Insects come in a little black egg that hatches under correct conditions, and once hatched in captivity there is the responsibility of parenthood.  When they emerge they are tiny and perfect, then over time they achieve sizes that can be measured in inches, so long as they are well fed.  And they will walk on your hand in a friendly manner.

    Some people find Stick Insect rearing unnatural and when you are not looking these wretched people do terrible things to Stick Insects.   Ready with fresh Privet taken from the headmaster's garden,  you  open your locker door to find your Stick Insect gone. 

    We are clans I suppose, and in 1965 there was a Stick Insect War which lasted almost until 1970.  

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