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April 5th 2010    Tim Candler

    This time next week I go for interview.   Insufficient to say I am looking forward to it.  The reverie is such that I continually return to the school master's study where there is a red faced and angry man.

    I guess for some those moments were enjoyable.   Presenting opportunity for discussion and insight and healthy interaction between young and old.  Probably I was a delinquent and order required a respect from me that could only be induced by fear.   Tragic to think I might once have been unreasonable.   A more likely truth however remains in the possibility that irritation is contagious.   Like Yellow Fever.

    I say this because on occasion I have shouted back.  And under most circumstances shouting back is an error, despite the feeling of release and the sense of freedom shouting back provides.  But it is a transitory feeling that quickly loses potency as week of punishment follows week of punishment.

     So this time next week I must be well immunized in the event that I might actually be delinquent.

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