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April 8th 2010    Tim Candler

    On some accounts, ancestors dwelled in forest and consequent to environmental change were slowly forced onto the Savannah.   Recent argument suggests that our genetic trail is something like 75,000 years distant.   Which means that were I thirty or forty years younger, there would have been something almost exactly like me three thousand generations ago.

      Invariably those interested in idea as figment of imagination will look at such offerings from mathematical sciences and will still struggle with what it was we thought and felt before the advent of written forms 5000 years ago.   Those pictures in our minds which we interpreted and then shared and then reinterpreted.  And those thoughts that offer gentleness and comfort.

    I think sometimes the gist of us is memory and the retelling of memory.  I can see ancestors moving across empty landscape, searching for a more familiar setting, and then finding it in the vestiges of those forests that once had been abundant.  In shade they would have looked up into canopy and amongst them there would have been a reiteration of an understanding that once all the world had looked like this.

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