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April 9th 2010    Tim Candler

    Multi-flora Rose and Wisteria are in many parts considered menace and are hunted down.   Yet here, to preserve the tender blooms of Wisteria from frost it will be wrapped in sheets this evening.   Multi-flora Rose is a wiser plant and probably it relishes frost as just one more hateful aspect of its environment which includes shovels, pickaxes and chain-saws.

     There is as well the color of Wisteria bloom.  Blues and whites are more appreciated than purples or violets.   "It was a blue Wisteria", you will hear.  And there will be wistfulness.  

    I have spent many hours in polite gardens disciplining Wisteria.   In polite gardens Wisteria grows amongst Virginia Creeper and Clematis.   There is usually an arbor, a teak bench or some sort of table.   Sometimes there is a swimming pool and a cupola.   Often there is a two car garage and a garden shed containing garden tools that have rarely been used, along with badminton rackets and soccer balls.  And there are usually children at the university.

     My fondness for Multi-flora Rose can be dismissed as perversion.  My fondness for Wisteria contains a complexity I do not wish to untangle.

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