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August 14th 2010    Tim Candler

    Can't help believing that when true things hurt it is not the time to run.  Rather it is the time to reappraise purpose.  See the battle line as it is and then decide. 

     In the meaning of being as applied by Heidegger to our species, things that hurt turned Goldilocks Lane into Cannibal Alley.   Then when agreement was reached a new sense of purpose returned.   Behaviorists might prefer to think of this in terms of bio-chemistry.   See angst as a central feature of social cohesion.   The outsider is to be feared, and there is comfort to be had from owning a machinegun.   The group increasingly isolated begins to feel increasingly safe in its sameness.  

   My own view prefers to wander toward a far place.  Attempt impossible things with mind, by imagining the intellect of  Runner Bean, and then asking the question what actually is the difference between me and it.

     Alone I can achieve this.  Alone I can live in Goldilocks Lane.

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