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August 15th 2010    Tim Candler

    A Wax Gourd has waxiness.    And despite considerable research, quite what happens now is vague.   Naturally there is debate amongst us.

     Those pages and pages of information that are these days so easily discovered by wandering the ether produce many opinions, some of which are dubious.  Wax Gourd apparently cleanses the system, and aids digestive process.   One thing is clear, Wax Gourd belongs to tropical climate, and to tropical eating. 

   Myself, I am disappointed to think of Wax Gourd as a minor ingredient in pork knuckle broth.   I would much rather consider it the main course at a feast of renewal.  Tropical skirts and bare chest boys dance to the rhythm of drums.  Wax Gourd slaughtered to the wails of the elderly, and to the tears of children.  Then roasted on a slow moving spit.   Consumed solemnly at midnight.

     It keeps in a cool place for up to a year.  So that might be the direction we take.     

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