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August 19th 2010    Tim Candler

    "Poets learn in sorrow what they teach in song."  It is probably Jeremiah or one other of those lamenting Biblical characters whose voice has clung through time.   Yet it is the idea of teaching that bosses me quite quickly into purgatory.   Because if everything is learned, then what is new.

    The ordinary pattern so hedged by words devoid of action result in that sort of acceptance that Lot found so difficult.   And so much easier to recall the sciences, where chemistry produces altruism and from that an assumption Jeremiah would have assigned directly to God's dialectic.

   "Poets are just miserable until they are powerful"  might better reflect more recent interpretations.   All the same my own preference of "Silence is Golden" might serve as well.   Or "Nuts" as general McAuliffe might have put it.

     Strange how quickly things disappear.  And strange how this void always seems new.

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