An English In Kentucky


















August 21st 2010    Tim Candler

    Cheese School exists here in Kentucky, and I have dreamed of Camembert, Stilton and steam kettles.   I see myself in a little white hat, diminutive beside wheels of Cheddar.   A State Inspector nods approvingly and I bribe him with good humor as he ticks the columns on his clipboard.

    "Yes,"  I tell him.  "We have had trouble from the Goats, but fortunately Eid is soon, and if we are lucky the Goats will all be gone by Christmas." 


   Bertrand Russell argued for the future of philosophy as belonging to 'precision of language'.   A use of words that allowed for an increasing accuracy.   I think though that language is more like sourcing milk, and it's the philosopher that would turn milk makers into mechanical devices.

    But the thought of keeping a cow puts a burden on me.   I can see her stare through long lashes, and mostly I'll be wrong, because milk cows are wily, hoofed and I suspect unwilling participants.

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