An English In Kentucky


















August 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    Professionals tell me a cow needs to be milked twice a day or the milk goes away.   This co-dependence welds man and cow into a relationship only death or the auctioneer can end.  

    I imagine in such a bi-polar medium early morning buckets are frequently kicked by both cow and dairy-person.  I see long-lashed stares and much stamping around in muddy boots.  As well I see words spoken in anger, followed by injury, followed by remorse, followed by both veterinary and medical expenses.


    But this new found social location of fashionable-farmer were it to continue through generations will naturally produce a cow that parts with her milk only once a week.  Six gallons on Sunday afternoon around three o'clock would suit just fine.

    Yet perhaps more important to me is the size of the cow.  I would like her to stand about three foot to the tip of her horns.   She would hop on a table and smile at me.  And naturally, as we talked,  I would encourage her to gore the neighbor's dog.

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