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August 23rd 2010    Tim Candler

     I think I am permitted to express this opinion because I understand my location amongst the driving class.   I understand my flaws, and I know full well how irritating other road users find me.  I have heard the yells and I have seen the gestures.  I am not perfect and have no intention of entering the heavenly place.

    For too many years I have had no truck with the Vanity Plate or drivers below the age of thirty three.   I have coasted through these two dislikes without difficulty.  Indeed I feel invigorated by them.  Because were I that obnoxious, how much cleverer I could have been.

   But recently I have become aware of yet one more inadequacy that I must attend to quickly   It is a dawning impatience with the drivers of a particular vehicle.

   I am almost completely allergic to the drivers of the PT Cruiser.  Either they are Pet Groomers or people in need of a stomach staple, and for some reason they are always in the wrong lane, and far too many of them come from Ohio.

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