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August 28th 2010    Tim Candler

     Malabar Spinach does appear to thoroughly enjoy what for me are adverse weather conditions.   A heat factor Starships might envy.   I can hear a Captain questioning an Engineer.  And the Engineer replies, "I can't understand it!  The Malabar Spinach is doing fine, so the engine should be working."   

    It would be the Canary in a dust mine.   Checked on daily, given treats from the watering can.  Allowed to bloom.   

   It is the Blue in sky that follow these cooler nights.  Not for the blotchy to be padding around.  But aboard a Starship I would watch the cable channels, stare at the Milky Way, eat my meals and try not to get irritated.

   Of course there would the matter of a destination.   And I think my preferred disembarkation spot would be one where Malabar Spinach came in decorative memories of olden days.

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