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August 29th 2010    Tim Candler

    From Washington Township in Kansas to Fredonia in Kansas, Route 47 is pretty much sixty miles of what looks on the map like a straight line with a blip at Ottawa Road, so that Route 47 might pass by Lakeview Cemetery in Neosho County.

    I imagine the straight line road reflects a flat and empty land upon which a pattern can be imposed without recourse to the political turmoil more settled places tend to insist upon.   There is a Roman Road in the British Isles called the Fosse Way that marks a remarkably straight line from Lincoln to Exeter.  Fosse in Latin means ditch.

    I still say straight lines are imposed.   The quickest way from A to B could well be a straight line.   But footpaths, while they might begin as hurried straight lines across flat land soon meander in the way that a river meanders.  

    We are more like ducks when we move.  Easily sidetracked by this or that little thing and as our footfalls to a drifting path others compound the error by following this waddling pattern.

    All the same Washington Township isn't that far away and I have always been fond of cemeteries.  As well the new me is looking for a discipline unsullied by angles.


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