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August 30th 2010    Tim Candler

    Lumpen references the dispossessed and the boorish.   An interesting confluence of meaning that probably looks well at the cocktail party because the dispossessed can be boorish when others are trying to enjoy their own good fortune.

     Being saintly and perfect at the expense of others might well be an inevitable condition under circumstances of dishonesty.  An insight perhaps into an understanding of truth as a moving thing.   A thing that is constructed first and then becomes apparently real.

   Sadly though such an understanding of truth has a prime consequence.   It means a straight line always reflects interests and angels.  And here some find comfort in the suggestion that we are more like Wheat, because despite the protestation of the angels our lot remains bio-chemical and soupy in nature.

   So to an understanding of the word lumpen it often makes sense to add each and every box of thought.  And why?  Because it makes me feel better to do so.

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