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August 31st 2010    Tim Candler

    Always a cruel joy when two minds become as one with respect to a mole barrier.   The perennial border ravaged for so long by a tunnel vision of 'yes we can defeat the moles'.  Now the strategy changes, because we will build walls against them.

    Respectable and healthy exercise in my view.   Does require more than aptitude with shovel.   There are too many precious things in there and some of them are not visible, or perhaps are pretending to be weeds.

   Nor does it actually help to water the precious things.  Because moles can smell water and moles know that where there is water there are worms, or grubs or whatever it is moles yearn for during dry periods.

    A small harmony for me, I suppose.   And encouragement because one day my apparently incomprehensible understanding of  'how to water plants' might also be shared. 

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