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August 4th 2010    Tim Candler

    Never quite certain what it means when the National Weather Service blandly announces: "with temperatures climbing into the 95 to 100 range this afternoon, the heat will become dangerous"   In my deteriorating condition a temperature of 88 suffices to figure in the category of dangerous. 

    It could of course mean that I might not be here tomorrow.  In which case I should spend the day in quiet contemplation of the tapestry, moving slowly from little piece of it to little piece of it in search of useful surrender.   A cruise through memory.  A jaunt that would take the long route so as to avoid those places where memory becomes dark with anger and regret.

    Very important, on these occasions, for there to be a prettiness of appearance.  Dark places do not appeal to the general imagination because it is the general imagination that defines dark places.  In another world a tally of shrunken heads lining the mantel might demonstrate my achievements.    In this world perhaps it would be politer to sit staring at all my stuff, and say "yes, what a wonderful person I am." 

    But on the more positive side, should I succumb to dangerous heat sometime this afternoon or evening, it does mean I will not have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

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