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August 9th 2010    Tim Candler

    With the abundance of butterfly, this August clearly offers opportunities.  The equation, however is hard on the physical side of human being.  The walk from here to work requires concentration.   Either I slip on dew, or enter the early phases of heat exhaustion.

     I look at the winter coat that for some reason hangs in plain view on the unused chair.   Between us there is absolutely no bond whatsoever.   Indeed were I courageous enough to touch the winter coat I would hide it somewhere out of view.

   Yet Fall planting time is soon.  I recall a man from the government who told me that middle of August was the time to plant Broccoli.  At the time I thought him supremely wise.  But our conversation was sometime in May.

   Viking Purple Potato rule my world.   They are like Gods.  Diligent, rugged and delicious when baked or boiled.  More often though I wait until they get cold so that I can enjoy them with a vinaigrette and Tomato. 

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