An English In Kentucky


















December 10th 2010    Tim Candler

   This is not the first time I might have killed something during the Artist's absence so when she walks by me she deserves the haute to her chin.   Delphinium seedlings, judged too skinny to face the winter, three of them in little pots.  

   I forget what I killed last time she was gone.  An exotic no doubt.  Something coddled and cooed at until left in my care.  It is really no wonder I sense nervousness in our community when travel is mentioned. 

     Naturally the weather has warmed since her return.  My claims of single digit temperatures and wind chill below zero left the Artist unimpressed as she gazed down at little withered things which had so briefly held a dream of one day being beautiful.

     It is a sadness and yet it could be that these three little dreams are sleeping.   And how haughty I'll become if they are.

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