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December 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    Next year there will be Wax Gourd climbing the arch.  They will hang, and I will bump my head on them.   And next year there will be Tomatoes so perfect Bluebirds will weep at the sight of them.  And next summer it will rain everyday for half an hour at about five o'clock in the late afternoon.

     These dreams are easy when out there, beyond the frontier, a Mammoth is stumbling around trampling upon people because it can.  

     It is when you hear the expression "greatest in the world" or some other such combination of hubris from leaders, you know also that change is upon us.

    I remember my week of induction into the Great British Postal Service.  It was, we were told the greatest postal service in the world.  But down stairs from us there were sorting machines left idle so that men could have work.

    Next year there will be Wax Gourd climbing the arch, Stink Bugs amongst the Chinese Beans.  But meanwhile I understand carrots are good for eyesight.

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