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December 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    Some years ago we had an ice storm here in Kentucky that took out the electric supply.  Where I live we were on the edges of this storm, but in some parts of the state electric power was absent for weeks.

    Travelling north and west at this time of year it is still possible to see the damage this storm did to tree tops.   States of emergency were declared, radio stations announced where safe haven could be had for those in need.  People died.

    Now when winter weather is announced I recall the errors we made during that ice storm and wonder how ready we are should there be another such adventure.   Physical security abounds.  We have the outside stove, we have gas for the generator.  The larder is stocked.  And we are ready to turn on the radio to see how others are faring.

      Ancestors of course would laugh at us frail beings so dependant upon something that comes to us from so many miles away.  And I think probably in their presence I would feel like a child.

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