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December 14th 2010    Tim Candler

    I noticed on the news that Mistletoe in the United Kingdom is in decline.  Here in Kentucky there are trees upon which Mistletoe thrives.   And if I was brave I would dress up like an Inuit, wander around outside and take photographs that might demonstrate the veracity of my claim.

     This reluctance to wander around in cold may be a consequence of elderliness.  Or it could be that some ingrained element of my being reacts to cold by instructing me not to move very far from my bed or the coffee pot.

     Yet I don't ever recall wandering around in cold without first addressing the purpose of existence, which makes me suspect that of the two possibilities I am hardwired to avoid close contact with temperatures below the freezing mark. So perhaps it is good fortune that I can see Eastern Mistletoe growing upon Maples from the porch.  

     There is an argument which suggests that Mistletoe is damaging to trees, which might well be the case.  But more recently Mistletoe has been given the title of "keystone species."  Which means it does more good than it does bad.  One day I hope may own species can claim this title.

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