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December 18th 2010    Tim Candler

    Such a shame Captain Beefheart did not make it past Winter Solstice.  And no doubt from his hospital bed in Northern California he might actually have been able to see the total eclipse of the moon predicted to occur in the early hours of this coming Tuesday morning. 

    Looks like clouds and snow, sleet and rain for us here.  So I wonder if the Grey Cat would notice our absence if we joined the travelling public drove a thousand miles west in search of clear night skies.  And I can see twelve Potato rocks in a plastic bag on the seat beside us.

     It is a temptation to ask what Captain Beefheart would have advised.  He might have said go, experience, enjoy while you can.  But he was lonely as hedonists mostly are.

    The invisible occurs.  The earth moves.  In imagination it should be contemplated, because only in imagination can we see how unreal we are.  Otherwise it is cold and sleet and hope and ambition, which when put beside the universe makes a laughing stock of us. 

    All the same it is tempting.

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