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December 1st 2010    Tim Candler

    Good rain, but too late for the polite grasses to take best advantage of.   This rain, had it come in early October might have given the polite grasses a gain on creeping grasses, who revel in heat and drought and which then develop an ennui when mornings chill. 

      Imagine, were I a grass, I'd be more like a creeping grass.   Happier in the warmer weather.  Odd that we should share so much and yet have this enmity between us.  Possibly it is jealousy on my part because I am forbidden to hibernate.  Instead I can watch creeping grasses sleep blissfully unaware and happy enough to snore.

    But there is no waking them now.  There is no running around tickling them.  I cannot dig them up, because in amongst them I have friends.  Better strategy is to wonder what is it I like least when happiest.  What most upsets when days are long and nights are warm.   This way I might know what discourages creeping grasses.

    Clearly watering is out of the question.  So regular mowing may be the better direction.  Blades low as they can go long into August.   I can wear the hat, reckon on a fierce grin, ear plugs and other accoutrements of isolation.   Fortunately creeping grass sleeps into June, which means I have time for other thoughts.

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