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December 27th 2010    Tim Candler

    I wonder how Father Christmas feels in the week that follows his big day.  I guess there is a classic of anti-climax, as he throws his soft boots into a corner of his kitchen and hunts around for brandy or an elf to tickle.

    For some reason Mrs. Claus was on the radio this year, endlessly telling us to feed Santa low fat sugarless cookies.  She had a false jolliness to her voice that  made a person feel sorry for the great man.  But I am not one of those who believes there is a Mrs. Claus, so I found myself reduced to sneering her down.

     Nor am I one of those foolish enough to believe that Father Christmas lives on the North Pole.  He in his wisdom lives on the South Pole where there is a land mass and where his busy time happens in summer.

    I do however believe his sleigh is pulled by Reindeer and I share the opinion that he is always accompanied by a Polar Bear with orders to eat anyone who calls him Chris Kringle. 

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