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December 29th 2010    Tim Candler

    A look at the date is sometimes helpful.  This horrible month soon gone.  And then there is the question of whether January is winter's July.  Followed quickly by whether February is winter's August.  March winter's September.  And it's difficult to continue into May without first wondering where the shotgun is.

    But the new me has projects.  Or at least a list of things to consider.  Still on that list is the perennial question: "Are we more like circles or are we more like straight lines?" 

     Go ahead, raise the eyebrow.  But when sad and blue a mind finds solace in circles and when filled by inspiration a mind chooses straight lines that are infinite.

     At this time of year when drawing the circle I have found it useful to make them as perfect a circle as they can be.  Don't squiggle them carelessly in the snow.  Don't tromp them out in mud.  Make them crisp and determined.  This gives them an appearance of trying.

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