An English In Kentucky


















December 2nd 2010    Tim Candler

    The Grey Cat spends his day and most of his night watching me.  Always the same when his Mistress is away.  His suspicion is I have her locked in her room and he wants answers.

   It must be that he looks into the horizon and he sees a sameness, whereas I look into the horizon and see another place.   It must be that he knows where the world ends, whereas I see Soroti, or Cardiff, or Karachi, the moon or one of those places.


    It is possible too that he thinks we are ghosts that travel his plane.   Sometimes incarnate, sometimes not.  Magical in our capacity to completely disappear and generous sometimes with tinned food.

    I could open the door to his Mistress's room, let him sniff around.  But better he thinks she is hiding in there, otherwise he blames me for her absence and when that happens my life becomes difficult.

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