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December 31st 2010    Tim Candler

    On the radio this morning an older caller threatened the host with "Phone-Calls, Emails and Twitters."  Lost as I am, still marveling at the vacuum tube, the word "twitters" made me cringe and only two years left until the end of the world.

   I remember wondering what Email was.  My initial instinct was to think it a fad that I would avoid, until one day there I was very confused in front of a technical device cursing a so called "wizard" for asking me questions I had no answers to. 

     But ever since listening to Bobby Day or Michael Jackson or one other of the hundred move through "rockin' robin" I have had a difficult relationship with the word "tweet".  There was the awful Tweety Bird, "sufferin succotash." Road-Runners. And on it goes, this understanding of birds as fluttering entertainment along with the more disciplined denigrations of feather, nest and egg collecting.

    While I possess no pure grasp of why the word "Tweet" irritates me so, I do realize that these sorts of visceral reactions to words will only increase because they are symptomatic of decline and end times.  Which have clearly been with me since birth. 

    I can however still find solace in the joy I take from flipping the word "twit" at those on the radio I disagree with .

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