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December 3rd 2010    Tim Candler

    These two little buggers are Northern Harriers.  They come down here with the North wind, mess with our Field Mice, wreak havoc in the community of Sparrows, unnerve the Mockingbird, greatly distress Crows, and make no inroads whatsoever into that subterranean world where Moles dominate.

    Worse than useless they are with their prancing and flitting about.  And I'll ask again why did my adopted country chose Bald Eagles as their signature.   They had other killing machines to chose from,  like the Cougar or the Bobcat or the Alligator.


    God save us, and better perhaps to go back to bed, try start this day again, otherwise there will be a downhill that might see me yearning for the extinction of several more species over which there is so much oohing and aahing from those who are clearly quite blind.

   Indeed I am far too involved for reasonable things today, so when I get up again I must be careful not to spend the rest of the day shouting at the television. 

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