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December 5th 2010    Tim Candler

    Easy to remember the moments of Winter Solstice past, but harder to remember how cold it can be.  So I wonder if the Gods would object to the ceremony of Potato Rock tossing being held indoors.

    I have thought long and hard about this.  It is true I feel able to curse the weather in ways that some consider blasphemy.  I can look at the sky, and shake my fist, because in the quiet place that is my heart, I absolutely understand that no one but neighbors are listening.    There is in other words no little cloud up there looking down at me which says, "Let's strike him with lightning."

     We have excellent indoor space here.  And probably if Potato Rocks were tossed in gentile manner little damage would occur from Potato Rocks who might be crotchety and dysfunctional and dislike things made of clay or glass.  There is even an old carpet somewhere which might lesson the chances of awkwardness.  It is green I think and could well benefit from a circle and a line painted onto it.

     Yet this break with the outdoors is the devil tempting me.  And damn it,  I know this with an absolute certainty.

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